Save Net Neutrality | Justin Gamache®, B.S., M.Ed.

All could change after Dec 14, 2017 and what we take for granted today can all disappear. These telecom companies want control over the content you are seeing on the internet. You pay your ISP and your ISP can dictate the way information goes to your house.

Vermont Independent-Newsroom relies heavily at telling people the truth, that truth is made possible because of the free and open Internet. If the free “equal” internet disappears more companies will be able to push their agenda, while companies like Vermont Independent-Newsroom disappear because they are telling the truth.

We need independent voices, voices that do not have an agenda, and voices that tell the truth. I urge my followers (those who liked this page) to fight for the free and open internet) to stand up for #NetNeutrality don’t let the government side with those big telecom companies, they work for you the people not them. Besides, you pay for the internet, and so you have a choice. FREE AND OPEN INTERNET STAYS.