The Trust Fund for State Governed Universal Healthcare Act | Justin Gamache®, B.S., M.Ed.

The Trust Fund for State Governed Universal Healthcare Act which includes removing Medicare, and making Medicaid for all. Protection of social security for senior citizens and the future of all citizens. This fund would be in full power to all 50 states that would allow for the improvement of healthcare costs, hospitals, screenings, improvement of healthcare technology (catching up with current tech), and giving the right to the people for offered healthcare services.
An amendment will also be included that will say: “Neither the house, the senate, congress or president or any political figure would be able to change this fund or dip into its funding except by use of the states to pay for or enhance their healthcare system.”
The cost will come from the exact amount spent on the military funding $679 billion, and the fund is only to be used by each state to cover the cost of medical assistance, healthcare technology, and care to their citizens.
((Since we already are taxed like crazy to live, there would be no adjustments other than if a person is a millionaire or billionaire/trillionaire. No tax breaks for the rich, and full tax breaks to the poor and middle class.))
The Trust Fund for State Universal Healthcare Act would protect you and I and millions of other citizens for free healthcare services. Health coverage will only be by state and not controlled by the federal government. Full power is given to the states and each state must provide healthcare to its citizens.