Grocery Store Study | Justin Gamache®, B.S., M.Ed.

Grocery store study: Watching people load up their carriages with sugary foods, junk, processed foods, and overly refined white flour products. Don’t they know that stuff will kill you, or maybe they know they just think it is “healthy.” The answer, if only the government put money into the local farms and required places like Wal-mart to place the better quality of goods in their stores. I get eating healthy is expensive, but it shouldn’t be and everyone wants to stretch that dollar further so they can buy that brand made TV.

Curious when will the government stop supporting these sugary made foods? When will people realize they should eat healthier?

I don’t think the government really cares what people put in their grocery carts because they are the ones getting the profits, and corporations love these profits because they can sell lots of something that has no health value and make money off of you.

To be honestly clear, I think it is widely disgusting walking into a wal-mart watching people load their carriages up with overly-refined products that provide absolutely no benefits to you. Why though, because people want to save money feeding their large family that is why.

On the brighter side, Wal-mart is starting to provide an alternative to healthy eating, but people still load up on all the junk food because eating healthy is expensive.

To solve the mystery of why people in the United States are over weight is because people are spending that little bit they have in food stamps to buy more of the unhealthy foods. Food stamps aren’t the problem, it is what they are buying with them that is the problem, and then to go deeper or investigate the issue it is the companies (The main brands) that are getting subsidies to keep making these products. Which puts us, the middle man out, and the top level executives in. A win-win profit for the suppliers and a win-win profit for the healthcare industry when something goes wrong with you.