WHAT THE HEALTH IS GOING ON? Article by Justin Gamache®,B.S.,M.Ed.

Article written by: Justin Gamache®,B.S.,M.Ed.

Date: July 30, 2017

People are sensitive when it comes to what they eat. There automatic response usually ends with “don’t tell me what to eat” or “don’t force me.” No one is telling you what to eat or forcing you, you do what you want.

Fact: Diabetes is not caused by carbs and sugars, it is caused by your diet or fat intake. Beef and chicken have a high amount of fat, Milk is fat, Eggs are fat. Pork the unhealthy white meat; aka bacon, ham, this is fat. You get diabetes because you are consuming fat foods, fat builds up in your blood stream, builds up in your body, blocks your natural output of insulin.

Fact: Heart Disease or clogged artery disease is not caused by heredity, it is caused by your diet. What you eat affects your health.

Fact: Major companies pay large amounts of money to keep information hidden from you because they don’t want you to know the truth about their food they are producing.

Fact: When you tell someone the truth about their food, they get all sensitive. The truth hurts, but doesn’t mean I do not want you to be informed about your foods because you should be. Every known disease in today’s world is caused by your diet, so if you love your life then take care of it. Unless you don’t care then you can continue down the path corporate America is leading you on your gravely path.

Fact: People would respond but i am healthy now, my doctor say’s I am doing awesome. Ya know what, my doctor say’s I am freaking awesome and I have the results to prove it. I did the time researching this, and I am the results.

Fact: sure everyone is different, but look at this way the way we used to live compared to the way we live today. A mass and brutal production of meat in this country is worst, fat is a common thing to see a lot of today. “well people are just lazy.” No, people are misinformed not lazy. They take in information from organization such as American Heart Association which has been misplaced because their sponsors, you know the ones giving the money, is telling people it is safe to eat these products.

Fact: I’m not body shamming you, you want to feel comfortable in your body that is fine, but your diet is not doing you very good.

Fact: check out the sponsors of the companies that are supposed to be healthy and for you. Anyone like Kraft?? “Kraft mac and cheese” mm good for your right, until you get cancer… I am providing my 5 years of research on the health of the human body because it is important… don’t be thick headed, this is truth and is real hardcore fact.

Fact: People will believe just because companies, corporations like the ones below (sponsor American cancer society, American Heart association, Diabetes association) think because they sponsor means their foods are proven healthy. Wrong! If you follow the money, it technically leads to lies, lies, lies, more lies, and the over construed lies that they want you to think the way they think. Money is forcing the system to tell you it is okay, it is safe, and down right good to consume.


Because these companies that support such organization above should be the outline of information that tells you there is something bigger going on here, and that they want you to be ensured to “believe” their products are safe and healthy to eat. But I am not going to allow you to be construed by their scam politics, and their evil ways to keep you misinformed. No, I want you to get active and try what I have done. Research for yourself, understand what is in this food, and then switch your diet to an all VEGAN LIFESTYLE. That’s right! VEGAN IS THE WAY TO GO.

The truth is no one will take the time because they are over sensitive about what they eat, about what they put on their plate, and how they take in information. Not one person would take the time to experience the changes of  VEGAN LIFE like I did, but I can help understand the results and develop the best outcome for you. Hey, I am not a doctor in health, but I am a PH.D student in Education so the first thing I would and will continue to do is educate you on your diet and health.

Vegan means protecting the animals, living green, being healthy, living the life you are meant to live. Vegan is good for the environment, and is probably why you should be considering to change over if not promoting your health.  Stop being consumed by lies, and instead be consumed by truth. The healthy truth for your mind, body, and spirit.

This article is based on honesty (the truth), and the Facts.