News Woke! : by Justin Gamache, M.Ed

Article written by Justin Gamache, M.Ed.

July 19, 2017


Watching CNN folks just to see if they changed the story to report something else. Dear lord they still talking about Russian and Trump gate with extensions of the notion. I go to Fox News and all I hear is the voice from Charlie Brown “blah blah blah blah blah &&**((&^%$%*” I’d head over to MSNBC but they still haven’t got a clue.

So how do I stay up to date on the fulfillment of news? Take everything from the Main Stream Media as a Grain of Salt, don’t pour too much on your food folks or you will get health problems and possibly high blood pressure.

I look for the real stuff, the news that investigates the news, fact checkers to make sure what is going on is true. Sometimes, I just don’t know?? I consider Vermont Independent-Newsroom a place that fact checks the fact checkers, investigates real stories, and even adds a little humor to the mix if you know what I mean #NewsBroke style, yup I crave them and so should you.. Newswoke people! Shh, don’t tell anyone I have a secret crush on Francesca Fiorentini!! Oops I guess the cat is out of the bag now, and can’t put it back in the bag because once it is out it out. I am sure someone as good looking as Francesca has a boyfriend, so my odds of dating her is probably 1 out of a billion. so, there is a chance.

The world we live in should be full of bunnies and hearts, and nature, and love, and peace, and truth, honor, respect, and some humor. What’s that too many “and’s” in that sentence?? To bad!

Just kidding, the world is a combination of everything. We need to expect the unexpected, and do what is right to fulfill the needs of our hearts. Don’t be lame, be fun, be out there, let people call you crazy rather than normal. I am sorry not sorry! Or am I sorry? That is a question you will never get… whaa haa ha… cough cough… hint hint.

Certainly, there is something going on, but what is going on? We are in a time of extreme changes; the climate is changing, politics are getting weird, and I don’t even know any more than a dog that enjoys their morning poop. Curious what you think? But have fun with it, don’t be so literally all the time and ya know enjoy life as it is.