Self-Imagine and Self-Respect (a note about you and our mission)

We do not publish civil disputes, and there is a reason why. We are not Bennington Banner, Rutland Herald, Brattleboro Reformer, or Deerfield Valley News. Those places would have more of a likelihood to publish your civil dispute because they are a CIVIL DISPUTE OF LIES.
We don’t make stories up and we don’t make money off of these stories. If you have a civil dispute you may go to the county clerk’s office of your town, and file your complaint with them, but most likely it will be denied! (Knowing you only have one side). We do not accept one-side stories, but if you can provide proof (video evidence with audio) of both sides we may publish this. But it would take a growing fee $$$ to get your civil dispute published on our site (Just kidding, we actually do not publish civil disputes and request you take that up with your county clerk’s office if you have a liable civil dispute that has threatened your life).
This would take a great amount of legal paperwork to do and get your story published, my advice since people in the USA always want to hurt each other for some unknown reason, to save the hassle we do not support hurting individuals. We care for everyone and want to see everyone take a step back, look in the mirror, and realize you are the imagine you project into the world. Once you realize this after looking at yourself, your world will change and you will begin to see the light. Vermont Independent-Newsroom loves discussion on improving people’s lives not hurting them, we don’t want to be a news station or company that promotes fear and hate because this is not the way to live in our world.
Besides we do already get enough of that from the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.
We want to publish the truth, but we also want to be kind and respectful to the integrity of human nature. We love humanity!
To save you the time and effort, really look deep inside yourself before asking us to publish a video or some news that doesn’t reflect our mission. I agree, everything is news, but when you publish one side and not gain the other side you are just hurting each other, and possibly even more yourself.
LAST ADVICE: Talk to the person you are having a dispute with, tell them how you feel and in return allow them to express their feelings because they may feel the same way. Discuss ways you can improve each other’s lives without the bigotry of hurt.
(I, we, are being respectful to you and our world. Don’t think we are ignoring you, we hear you and are trying our best to understand where you are coming from, but we do not allow the slander of other human beings. We know there are problems in the world, and some people might not think people are informed. We want people, human beings, to be informed with the truth and not lies. We like to think, and want you to think too.) DO YOU READ ME? I hope so!