We Need to Talk! : Justin Gamache, B.S., M.Ed.

I don’t know about you, but since I talk about medical stuff a lot, I should have studied to be a medical doctor. I guess it’s good to be in education, and I certainly know much in this field: exclusively in music, but it just doesn’t seem enough for me? I inspire more and only, in hope of believing something small, that I can empower each and everyone of you to do the same. That when I die (if I die, there is still that possibility, and I am very optimistic on this approach of living forever “age doesn’t exist in my world”), my research and everything I do should go to something good. I don’t want to be a millionaire and make tons of money, I want to inspire my knowledge as the wealth of the world.
On the terms of medical; I am my own science project, and it seems to be working pretty good but the Universe knows how expensive it is to do what I am doing and I have given up much to do it in my way. I don’t like rules, and I don’t like working for the man. Working for the man so he can go live his life while the little person makes sure he can have a life. This is not how it should be, and I challenge any force that comes in my way to divide me from you.
We are one and the same, human beings, and each of us desire the same thing. There is no self-interests, but there are each common goals and when you put everyone common goals together I bet you can get a PRETTY AWESOME WORLD. I know you can get an awesome world because I can see it. I hate money, but we do need it in this world in some form. Yes I will use it but my value is more on my life and humanity, no money can buy that.
I was born here on EARTH, and my purpose is to show you all the truth. Now that I see the truth myself, and it is amazing! Do I think we can live a world through my dreams? YES I DO! But it is going to take ending certain ugly human traits, that are in today’s world. We can start with ending the military (you may disapprove, but is the beginning). Second, ending greed and ending the high stake value you put on the “financial system” to keep you alive. Third will be for everyone, and I mean everyone to stop being so divided in your self-interests and start realizing that “OH MY GOD” we are all the same, and can actually do something good in this life.
Of course, my approach cannot be forced, it has to be learned and through time “people” need to realize what I have realized. Once you see what I see, I promise you, it is good. So keep on keeping on! But don’t be fear mongered into doing something “YOU DON’T WANT TO DO” or be fear mongered that is totally up to you, BUT WAKE THE HELL UP AND REALIZE THE REALITY OF THINGS ARE NOT WHAT YOU BELIEVE OR MAY HAVE GROWN TO BELIEVE. That the world, that we so inherited, is meant for so much MORE!