Binaural Beats: Delta Waves

Self-Experiment #2: Delta waves are associated with your sleep patterns, they have what put you in the REM mode, and will also keep you in a state of consciousness.
I’ve done this experiment many times, best at night because then you can just lay in bed after the session is over and sleep. But last night was the first I responded quickly to when the Delta waves session was over and jumped out of bed rather quickly as if I was running somewhere. Completely aware of my surroundings and consciousness level was at 100%. Within that split minute as I jumped out of bed, I stopped and looked around the room. I wasn’t going anywhere and hopped back in bed where I was instantly back in REM mode.

I’ve been doing these sessions for a long time now, and medically I have to say they do work great for your soul. I claim to be no medical doctor, but take it from my experience with Binaural Beats that they can help develop a brainwave entrainment for all your needs.

I can talk all day about this subject, here’s a video I found on Binaural Beats… TIPS on getting the best effects! Reference FYI!


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